I Fell Today.

It happened again, and I hate when it happens… I FELL… and in my bedroom, of all places! :(

I don’t use my wheelchair in my bedroom because the room is very small, and also because I only have to stand/transfer to basically move around.

Anyway, today my cotton socks didn’t quite grip the laminate flooring in my room very well, and since I have terrible balance/little strength, I slipped and fell onto the floor.

I’m OK though.  Luckily I didn’t hurt myself – just a little bang on my knees – but nothing too serious.

What was hurt was my confidence – my confidence of standing and trying to walk again.  When I fall the psychological pain is much worse than the physical pain because I get so frustrated and extremely sad that I am having such a tough time doing basic human functions.

I know I am fortunate to even have some use of my legs, as many people don’t have any, but to me it’s still frustrating.  It’s all relative, I suppose.

I’ll try not to let this upset me even more than it has, but that will be tough.  With every fall that I have, I get more frightened.  It’s getting to a point where whenever I need to leave my chair (even for a stand/transfer, etc.), I panic.

I’m just very lucky that I didn’t hit my head or break anything – and I should focus on that aspect instead of the negative ones.  And hopefully I will be one of the Plexopathy patients that will regain all of their motor skills.  Positive thinking!

Thank you for reading.  Diane.

  1. 11 years ago

    Im really glad you didnt physically hurt yourself but I understand the frustration/psychological pain =\ be strong and things will get better!


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