CIPO Dinner #2.

On June 3rd 2014, I was invited to another CIPO dinner. Unlike the former dinner, this one was a more intimate affair of about 10 people (3 patients, 4 guests/family members, 3 CIPO members/organizers) at a wonderful restaurant in Hamilton that I never even knew existed: Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s. (Who CIPO is and what they do is outlined in the previous CIPO Dinner post, so I will spare you the repetition.)

The prior dinner was just a group of speakers followed by a Q&A session.  Although it was very informative, it wasn’t very personal.  This dinner, however, was surprisingly personal.  We got to meet each other and discuss our conditions and the treatments we are currently receiving.  Also discussed were other available treatment options.  I met a woman, also in a wheelchair, who is experiencing similar issues to mine.  It was refreshing to converse with someone who knew exactly what I am going through.

CIPO dinner at the wonderful restaurant Lo Presti's At Maxwell's.

CIPO dinner at the wonderful restaurant Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s.

I ended up ordering the ‘Ravioli Toscana’ and my mother had the ‘Chicken Penne Pesto Cream’ (pictured above).  Both looked amazing and mine was delicious.  Dessert was sinfully good with the ‘Molten Chocolate’ (also pictured above). CIPO treated us to the dinner, which was very generous because the prices were a bit steep.

After this meeting, I am now equipped with more knowledge and have many questions and concerns to bring up to my neurologist the next time I see him (which is July 3rd).

Thank you again CIPO for another amazing night out!  I hope to do it again soon!  Thanks for reading.

  1. 10 years ago

    It was a good time and the place is really nice. Keep on asking questions! Lets get you to that pain clinic sooner

    • 10 years ago

      I was so very happy this happened while you were here. It really touched my heart to see you so engaged in the presentation and later asking questions on how you could help me, etc. Thank you once again! :)


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